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Time Out says

Irit Batsry is commissioned by a priest in India to shoot a film through the eyes of a half-blind guide, giving up any rights to the film in exchange for the privilege of making it. Slow and languorous, the heavily altered and treated images (blurred, overlapping, repeated, moving from b/w to colour and back again) intensify a viewing experience created through the juxtaposition of a visually impaired guide and visually selective film-maker. The syncopated backing of myriad sounds, such as wind, water, music and silence, complements the images perfectly, and the random use of the protagonists' narrative underscores the nature of their awkward relationship: are they accomplices or rivals, adversaries or mirrors?

By: JFu


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Irit Batsry
Irit Batsry
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