They Call Her One-Eye


Time Out says

A cruel film, indeed. Rendered mute when raped as a child, the late-teenage Madeleine (child-woman Christina Lindberg) is abducted, injected with heroin and forced to work as a prostitute. Biding her time, she secretly learns about guns, unarmed combat and fast cars, then wreaks revenge on her captors and clients. Yet this self-consciously shocking movie lacks the courage of its would-be exploitative convictions. The grubby hardcore 'inserts' are alienating, the slo-mo violence and jarring, discordant soundtrack too calculated to achieve any visceral or emotional impact. It's as if director Bo Arne Vibenius (wisely using a pseudonym) was embarrassed by his own artful nastiness. Tarantino completists and fans of Abel Ferrara's Ms .45 might salvage something.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Alex Fridolinski Bo Arne Vibenius
Bo Arne Vibenius
Christina Lindberg
Heinz Hopf
Solveig Andersson
Despina Tomazani
Per-Axel Arosenius
Gunnel Wadner
Hildur Lindberg
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