They've Got Knut


Time Out says

Observing the sexual and ideological fall-out among a disheveled group of communards and a fraught couple cooped up in a West German ski lodge circa 1983, Stefan Krohmer's film inevitably recalls Lukas Moodysson's Together, although this one's set a decade on. The treatment is more restrained (it barely qualifies as a comedy), but if it doesn't reach for the same emotional buttons, it's still quietly persuasive. The performances are rich, the writing strong, and the exploration of freedom and faithlessness in the end quite poignant.


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Stefan Krohmer
Daniel Nocke
Valerie Koch
Hans-Jochen Wagner
Pit Bukowski
Alexandra Neldel
Ingo Haeb
Stephan Hornung
Jimi Lee King
Daniel Nocke
Anneke Kim Sarnau
Markus Sieber
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