Third World Cop


Time Out says

This Jamaican rehash of Dirty Harry follows maverick crime fighter Capone (Campbell) on a gun-running case in his old Kingston 'hood. He has to rethink his no-nonsense attitude to community policing, however, when it seems his long-time ghetto friend Ratty (Danvers) may be financing his record producing with more than the occasional block party. Low budget and shot on digital video, this first feature is a peppy morality tale which casts a cynical eye over Kingston's ambivalent attachment to the gun. If you can penetrate the patois, ignore the dodgy sexual politics and let the thumping reggae soundtrack do its work, there's an enjoyably rude energy here.

By: MHi


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Suzanne Fenn
Paul Campbell
Mark Danvers
Carl Bradshaw
Winston Bell
Audrey Reid
Lenford Salmon
Desmond 'Ninja Man' Ballentine
O'Neil 'Elephant Man' Bryan
Andrew 'Night Kutchie' Reid
Devon 'Angel Doolas' Douglas
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