Thirteen Ghosts


Time Out says

William Castle - on whose original this horror film is based - was something of a downmarket Hitchcock and master of extravagant promotion. When his Thirteen Ghosts (1960) came out, the audience were handed 3D-style glasses to see the on-screen spectres - no such gimmick this time, regrettably. Single father Arthur (Shalhoub) inherits a house from creepy uncle Cyrus (Abraham, camping), the basement of which is full of ghosts, each representing a sign of the dark zodiac. Cue mayhem. The house is the best thing in the film, a fantastic entanglement of glass, steel and Latin script. Passable SFX provide some distraction from all the frenzy and screaming.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Steve Beck
Neal Marshall Stevens, Richard D'Ovidio
Tony Shalhoub
Matthew Lillard
Shannon Elizabeth
Alec Roberts
JR Bourne
Rah Digga
F Murray Abraham
Embeth Davidtz
Matthew Harrison