This Boy's Story


Time Out says

Writer/director Roberts, who went on to make the children's film War of the Buttons for producer David Puttnam, shot this affecting, well-acted '60s slice-of-life as his graduation project from the National Film and TV School. Navy man Adams recalls his childhood and the time he and his young brother (the Arnold siblings) set out from a broken home in search of their soccer idol, the great George Best. Catching the train to Liverpool with money stolen from ma's purse, they hope to make it to Anfield where Manchester United are the visitors, but fate places more than a few obstacles between them and their hero.


Release details

50 mins

Cast and crew

John Roberts
John Roberts, Andrew Simister
Simon Adams
Steven Arnold
Kevin Arnold
Jennifer Calvert
Thomas Craig
Daryl Fishwick
Carl Chase
Arturo Venegas
George Best
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