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Famous for bringing stars Kelly Brook and Billy Zane together, castaway film ‘Three’ is unlikely to be famous for anything else – save perhaps for being perilously comparable to Guy Ritchie disaster ‘Swept Away’. Brook and Zane play Jenny and Jack, a rich American couple washed up on a desert island with handsome boat hand Manuel (Juan Pablo Di Pace), who makes no secret of his attraction for Jenny. When Manuel starts plotting to aggravate Jack into alienating Jenny, trouble follows. Most troublesome is the film’s tone: the dramatic score and writhing sex scenes imply an erotic thriller, but the camera treats pneumatic Brook like the subject of a cheap porno and the plot bears little resemblance to either genre. As the survivors bicker and allegiances change, it’s hard to fathom their motivation or to glean what allegiances we, the audience, are expected to make. While a couple of scenes offer glimpses of relatable character interaction (mainly thanks to Zane), it’s not enough to rescue the narrative from becoming laughably lost (or is that ‘Lost’?).

By: Anna Smith



Release details

Release date:
Friday May 5 2006
100 mins

Cast and crew

Stewart Raffill
Stewart Raffill
Billy Zane
Kelly Brook
Juan Pablo Di Pace
Gary Brockette
Isabelle Constantini
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