Three Coins in the Fountain


Time Out says

This touristy romance was an unexpected hit in its day, but you'd hardly think it to look at it now. Three American gals in Rome chuck their currency into the Trevi fountain to see if dreams really do come true - and guess what? McGuire ends up with Clifton Webb's charmer of a boss, while Peters and McNamara go for something a little more European (Jourdan, Brazzi). Meanwhile, Sinatra croons the title choon, and CinemaScope cameraman Milton Krasner made The Eternal City look so scrummy he got an Oscar for it. Remade by Negulesco in 1964 as The Pleasure Seekers, with Madrid taking over from Rome.

By: TJ


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Jean Negulesco
John Patrick
Clifton Webb
Dorothy McGuire
Jean Peters
Louis Jourdan
Maggie McNamara
Rossano Brazzi
Howard St John
Cathleen Nesbitt
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