Three the Hard Way

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

This is the way the cycle ends, as in the days of the monster rallies. A Fascist millionaire (Robinson) is assuring his place in history through subsidy of a mad doctor's serum, a Tizer-ish liquid which, when dumped into the reservoir, will kill off all the black folks within hours (it doesn't work on whites). Why settle for one blaxploitation star? Not good enough. Why not make that three reservoirs, then we can have three of Shaft's grandchildren, three times the action, and turn a Man from UNCLE rewrite into a movie! Dully predictable, thoroughly gratuitous after the first few minutes as the possibilities for genuine suspense are forsaken in favour of a three-figure body count and several automobile demolition clichés.

By: GD


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Gordon Parks Jr
Eric Bercovici, Jerry Ludwig
Jim Brown
Fred Williamson
Jim Kelly
Sheila Frazier
Jay Robinson
Charles McGregor
Howard Platt
Alex Rocco
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