Through the Window


Time Out says

Rai is at once lazy, distant and demanding, but at times also 'inappropriately' affectionate. Meanwhile, the daily routines of his overprotective mother (through whose eyes the story is seen) are recorded by a languorous camera. She dresses carefully, shops casually and muses about who might have moved into the empty apartment over the road. The pace and tension quicken, however, when Rai returns home with a couple of shifty strangers and a seriously injured young man. With no explanation, but observing his increasingly listless and paranoid behaviour, Rai's mother is forced to reconsider her relationship, fearful of the secret he guards from her. A tense and rewarding drama, with a superb performance from Laura Cardoso as the mother.

By: JFu


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Tatá Amaral
Jean-Claude Bernardet, Fernando Bonassi, Tatá Amaral
Laura Cardoso
Fransérgio Araujo
Ana Lucia Torre
Joao Acaiabe
Antonio Petrin
Jose Rubens Chacha
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