Throw Momma from the Train

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

When creative-writing teacher Larry (Crystal) suggests that Owen (DeVito), dimmest of many dim students, see a Hitchcock movie to learn about motivation and alibi in murder thrillers, he little realises what he's letting himself in for. Owen, whose interpretation of Strangers on a Train leads him to believe that Larry would like him to kill his wife in return for the prof's disposal of Owen's obscenely senile, tyrannical mother, turns Larry's life (already a mess: ever since his wife stole his first novel, he's suffered from writer's block) into an absolute nightmare. A lively black comedy, surprisingly stylishly directed by DeVito (his début), it thankfully soft-pedals on the hysteria front to concentrate on verbal non-sequiturs and quirky characterisation. If it all gets a little soft-centred towards the end, there's more than enough vitality and invention to be going on with.

By: GA


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Danny DeVito
Stu Silver
Danny DeVito
Billy Crystal
Kim Greist
Anne Ramsey
Kate Mulgrew
Branford Marsalis
Rob Reiner
Bruce Kirby
Annie Ross
Oprah Winfrey
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