Thunder and Lightning

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Basically a 90mph sleepwalk for David Carradine, the Corman factory's answer to Burt Reynolds, this formulary automotive action-comedy features an engaging line in absurd Southern-folksy dialogue and a frenzied attempt to ring the changes on the staples of the hot-car genre. A hovercraft duel across the Florida Everglades nevertheless soon gives way to the usual protracted car chase, interesting only for its blatant copying of stunts from numerous precursors, including the Bond movies. The script is a lame excuse for the invariably non-fatal, cartoon-style pyrotechnics, with moonshiner Carradine distinguished from Mob-backed gutrot-runner Carmel only by his stated independence (perhaps as close as you'll get to a policy statement on producer Corman's relationship to the Hollywood majors).

By: PT


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Corey Allen
William Hjortsberg
David Carradine
Kate Jackson
Roger C Carmel
Sterling Holloway
Ed Barth
Ron Feinberg
George Murdock
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