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Nick (Eckhart) drops a case of drugs at the door of reformed Casey, his one time partner in crime - thus leaving Casey to 24 hours of getting stoned, tied up, raped and assaulted by Nick's acquaintances, who include the chainsaw-wielding Billy (LeGros), and rubber-clad superbitch Dallas (Porizkova). The question here is whether a woman can rape a man, as Dallas does Casey with a photo of his loving wife looking on, but the past is a watchful beast and Casey is soon seduced by his former ways. The presence of Neil LaBute acolyte Eckhart ensures a certain quirky quality which first time director Woods backs up with his clever script, dark shades of humour, and staccato pace.


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87 mins

Cast and crew

Skip Woods
Skip Woods
Thomas Jane
Aaron Eckhart
Paula Marshall
Pauline Porizkova
Mickey Rourke
James LeGros