Ticket to Jerusalem


Time Out says

Jaber is a one-man movie operation. A roving projectionist with his own stock of films, he drives round Palestine in his jeep putting on screenings for the kids. When a teacher invites him to the old city of Jerusalem, everyone tells him he's crazy - Arabs in this part of Israel have more serious problems than cinema. But Jaber is determined. This DV feature has neo-realist elements, but in the end its slight scenario and evidently restricted means tend to back the naysayers. Cinephilia seems trivial in the circumstances.

By: TCh


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Rashid Masharawi
Rashid Masharawi
Gassan Abbas
Areen Omari
George Ibrahim
Reem Ilo
Imad Farageen
Naja Abu al-Hejah
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