Tieta of Agreste


Time Out says

Adapted from a popular Brazilian novel, Homônimo by Jorge Amado, that also spawned a TV soap opera, this shambolic, incident-packed melodrama, from the veteran director Diegues, is held together by a powerhouse performance from Braga. Her earthy, big-hearted and filthy rich Tieta returns in triumph from São Paolo to the village from which she was banished as a teenager. Although the source of her fortune's a mystery, she makes peace with her greedy family, wins the people's hearts, and stirs the loins of every man in town. But the spectre of pollution from a planned titanium processing plant threatens her idyllic homecoming. Unforgivably baggy, but so full of life it almost succeeds despite itself.


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

Carlos Diegues
Antonio Calmon
Sonia Braga
Marilia Pera
Esteves Chico Anisio
Cláudia Abreu
Zezé Motta
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