Tiffany Jones


Time Out says

Based on the Daily Mail comic strip, a British comedy of the worst type, full of banalities so trite that they don't even masquerade as clichés. Fascist president (Pohlmann) falls for reluctant dolly English model (a performance of laboured effervescence from Hempel), so providing an apology for a plot involving Marxist revolutionaries (all buffoons), denim-clad prince, and a score of nudes. Even Anouska Hempel's Health and Efficiency nudity palls after a while, and terminal boredom sets in long before the bread for the big pay-off turns up as several vanloads of Wonderloaf.

By: CPe


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Walker
Alfred Shaughnessy
Anouska Hempel
Ray Brooks
Susan Sheers
Damien Thomas
Eric Pohlmann
Richard Marner
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