Film, Drama

Time Out says

Stylistically this is more interesting and more affected than Schumacher's Flawless. Either way, it's a big improvement on his past tendentious nonsense. A biographical record of a company of men training for Vietnam at a military academy, it's not unlike the first half of Full Metal Jacket, though less of a theorem than Kubrick's vision. Schumacher uses a gritty handheld style - standard but unobtrusive - and gets a testy lead performance from Farrell as the charismatic rebel. Involving but inconsequential.

By: NB


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Joel Schumacher
Ross Klavan, Michael McGruther
Colin Farrell
Matthew Davis
Clifton Collins Jr
Thomas Guiry
Shea Whigham
Russell Richardson
Nick Searcy
Afemo Omilami
Keith Ewell
Cole Hauser
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