Till Sex Us Do Part


Time Out says

Vilgot (I Am Curious) Sjöman here ventures into the awkward territory of parodying the sex film. Though happily married for five years, a young couple believe (and almost make you believe) that if they consummate their marriage they'll die. Ninety unsuccessful minutes later they decide on a suicide pact, taking the predictable way out. It's often leaden (he's particularly oafish), sometimes funny (an operatic sequence at an orgy), and occasionally touching; but the constant flashes of knickers do tend to obscure the film's basic point, which argues that there's more to sex than meets the eye.


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Vilgot Sjöman
Vilgot Sjöman, Solveig Ternström, Börje Ahlstedt, Margaretha Byström, Frej Lindqvist
Solveig Ternstöm
Börje Ahlstedt
Margaretha Byström
Frej Lindqvist
Jan-Olof Strandberg
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