Till We Meet Again


Time Out says

Borzage's admirers - and who'll not claim at least associate membership of that circle? - will find this movie to be in a familiar case. The writing suggests melodrama at its most mechanical and life cheapening, yet the director infuses individual scenes with such warmth and spontaneity as to ensure that the affections are celebrated even as they're being betrayed. This time the love affair is explicitly non-sexual, since the plot is to do with shot down flyer Milland and virginal nun Britton pretending to be husband and wife while on the run in occupied France - a situation requiring fancy footwork from all concerned to keep the censors at bay. It's salutary to watch the usually tight-lipped Milland transformed into a model Borzage hero, enthusiastic and brimming with tenderness.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Borzage
Lenore Coffee
Lucile Watson
Barbara Britton
Mona Freeman
Walter Slezak
Ray Milland
Vladimir Sokoloff
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