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Like Cantet's first film, Human Resources, this sober, measured and terribly sad movie explores that most subtle of distinctions: what it is that separates who we are from what we do. Middle-aged executive Vincent (Recoing) has been 'let go', although his redundancy seems self-inflicted, an existential torpor he does everything to conceal from his family. He's transferred his expertise to the UN, he claims, working as a business consultant and persuading old friends to invest in a hush-hush get rich quick scheme. It's insane, yet Vincent's pretence is virtually sufficient to his needs, his assumption of propriety and well-being as good as the real thing. Or put another way, a proper job is scarcely more meaningful than this hollow charade. In Cantet's own words, 'Vincent is the sincerest of liars, an actor of his own life.' It's a profound, measured portrait of a man driven - and driving - with no end in sight.

By: TCh


Release details

134 mins

Cast and crew

Laurent Cantet
Robin Campillo, Laurent Cantet
Aurélien Recoing
Karin Viard
Serge Livrozet
Jean-Pierre Mangeot
Monique Mangeot
Nicolas Kalsch
Marie Cantet
Félix Cantet
Olivier Le Joubioux
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