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Titan A.E.


Time Out says

An animated space adventure set in 3028 with lantern-jawed antagonists and a far from novel plot. Mankind's foe is a spindly alien breed, the Drej, which has devastated Earth. Humans are intergalactic outcasts, whose salvation lies with petulant Cale. He holds the key to the Titan, a ship constructed by his father, which could restore civilisation; he teams with strappingly cynical Han Solo-type Captain Korso, enigmatic beauty Akima and an alien crew. Blending blood and romance, the film has a bouncy soundtrack and impressive FX. Visually, it's engrossing, but it'll have cross-generational sci-fi fans hankering for Star Wars rather than hailing an animated revolution.

Release Details

  • Duration:95 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Don Bluth, Gary Goldman
  • Screenwriter:Ben Edlund, John August, Joss Whedon
  • Cast:
    • Matt Damon
    • Bill Pullman
    • John Leguizamo
    • Nathan Lane
    • Janeane Garofalo
    • Drew Barrymore
    • Ron Perlman
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