To an Unknown God


Time Out says

A loose chain of affectionate encounters between a gay magician and his family, acquaintances, and lover, held together by the magnetic central presence of Alterio. Praised for its 'political' treatment and theme, it's actually less a crusading attack on sexual repression than an oblique meditation, inlaid with Lorca's lyrical if equally enigmatic verse, on (homo)eroticism, growing old, 'trying not to be afraid', relinquishing lost illusions and childhood dreams; and a muted but sympathetic portrait of the ageing prestidigitator, as gently elegiac as his own final words: 'Sleep well, for nothing abides'.

By: SJo


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Jaime Chavarri
Elias Querejeta, Jaime Chavarri
Héctor Alterio
Angela Molina
María Rosa Salgado
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