To Die For


Time Out says

For New Hampshire girl Suzanne Stone (Kidman), you're nobody in America unless you're on TV; indeed, she'd die to achieve small-screen celebrity. Fortunately for her, she's both determined and attractive enough to work her seductive wiles on the local cable-station boss, who appoints her weather presenter - and then allows her to work on a documentary with and about high school kids. Against all odds, she befriends three awesomely inarticulate no-hopers - but there's method to her madness: her husband Larry (Dillon) wants to have kids, so she exerts her influence over the trio to defend her endangered career. If you've hitherto failed to respond to the laid-back oddball appeal of Van Sant's movies, fear not: this is a sharp, consistently funny blend of black comedy and satire on the deleterious effects of television.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Mackenzie Litten, Gus Van Sant
Johnny Byrne, Buck Henry
Jean Boht
Thomas Arklie
Ian Williams
John Altman
Dilly Keane
Caroline Munro
Tony Slattery
Ian McKellen
Joaquin Phoenix
Illeana Douglas
Dan Hedaya
Nicole Kidman
David Cronenberg
Matt Dillon
Buck Henry
Alison Folland
Casey Affleck
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