To Find a Man


Time Out says

The man in question is not what you might think: he's a doctor, needed to perform an abortion on a spoiled, rich, sex-obsessed New York schoolgirl who gets pregnant after being seduced by the gigolo who lives with the mother of one of her spoiled, rich, sex-obsessed schoolfriends. The film chronicles the attempt of an intellectual schoolboy admirer to solve 'her' problem for her: a lesson in life for the children of the idle rich. It's fairly trivial, but what is interesting about it - in spite of the often corny camerawork and post Simon and Garfunkel music - is the way, without hysteria or moralising - we become inextricably involved with the quest, even going through the abortion with the girl in the surgery. It's a rare thing for most people to have to spend 90 minutes contemplating abortion.

By: MV


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Buzz Kulik
Arnold Shulman
Pamela Martin
Darren O'Connor
Phyllis Newman
Tom Bosley
Miles Chapin
Lloyd Bridges
Tom Ewell
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