To Our Loves


Time Out says

15-year-old Suzanne (Bonnaire) seems unable to progress beyond a rather doleful promiscuity in her relations with boys. Alone of her family, her father (played by Pialat himself) understands her, but when he leaves home for another woman, family life erupts into a round of appalling, casual violence, until Suzanne escapes into a fast marriage, and finally to America. Pialat's methods of close, intimate filming may place him close in many ways to our own Ken Loach, but his interests are rooted in a very cinematic approach to personal inner life, rather than any schematic political theory. The message may be that happiness is as rare as a sunny day, and sorrow is forever, but a counterbalancing warmth is provided by Pialat's enormous care for his creations. The rapport between father and daughter is especially moving. Pialat once acted in a Chabrol film, and one French critic's verdict on his performance can stand equally well for this film: 'Massive, abrupt, and incredibly gentle'. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Maurice Pialat
Arlette Langmann, Maurice Pialat
Sandrine Bonnaire
Dominique Besnehard
Maurice Pialat
Evelyne Ker
Anne-Sophie Maillé
Christophe Odent
Cyr Boitard
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