Time Out says

The usual homage to permissiveness (what's left of it after the removal of 11 minutes by the British censor), wrapped up in the usual semi-sociological interviews with sexual pundits and some vox pop. The message urges the reciprocity of sexual response, the importance of doing away with competitiveness, and the reawakening of a genuine enjoyment of sensual experience. Not without its own brand of wish fulfilment, the film lets us watch the young and lean and privileged disport themselves at Dr Curry's sexual health farm, hear them comment gee whiz style on their new insights, and regale ourselves with a sequence of naked diving involving porno queen Marilyn Chambers.

By: VG


Release details

72 mins

Cast and crew

Sean S Cunningham
Sean S Cunningham
Marilyn Chambers
Maureen Cousins
Sally Cross
Jade Hagen
Vic Mohica
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