Tomorrow Never Comes

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Young Frank (McHattie) returns from out-of-town to learn that his girl Janie (George) has given herself to a local big-shot (Osborne) in return for a teak-veneered cabana in the grounds of his luxury hotel. A nasty blow on the head in a bar fight has the effect of a lobotomy, and mild-mannered Frank is transformed into a twitchy psychopath. He holds Janie hostage in the cabana, and demands that her white-suited seducer make an appearance. Ollie Reed lumbers into the picture as a cheerless policeman who looks for the non-violent solution in the face of small-town political corruption. A drab, lightweight film with an extremely overweight cast from whom Collinson has extracted embarrassingly eccentric performances, notably Raymond Burr as a police chief who plays with clockwork toys. But what else can you do with such a crass script?


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Collinson
Jack Seddon, David Pursall, Sydney Banks
John Ireland
John Osborne
Raymond Burr
Oliver Reed
Stephen McHattie
Paul Koslo
Susan George
Donald Pleasence
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