Tomorrow's Warrior


Time Out says

Set in Cyprus at the time of the 1974 Turkish invasion, this forms an impassioned and unashamedly partisan sequel to Michael Papas' previous saga of that country's troubled history, The Private Right. But 'tomorrow's warrior' unfortunately turns out to be a tousle-haired, insufferably winsome Greek Cypriot boy who imposes a confused, child's-eye perspective on events, not helped by hectic cutting and interminable reaction shots of his innocent, bewildered little face. What's worse, Papas opts for easy emotionalism in the future hero's heart-tugging devotion to his old grandpa, naïve painter of peasant lore, who exudes quiet dignity and will, of course, be killed off by wicked Turks. Sticky-sweet as a slice of baklava, this is highly resistible fare.

By: SJo


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Papas
Michael Papas
Christos Zannides
Aristodemos Fessas
Dimitri Andreas
Jenny Lipman
Joanna Shafkali
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