Too Young to Die


Time Out says

A simple (but not simple-minded) docu-drama, in which a real-life couple re-enact their first meeting, their current lives together and the high and low points of their relationship. What makes this interesting is that both of them are elderly - and that the film includes their splendidly vigorous sex-life. Park Chi-Gyu, 73, has lived on a state pension and odd jobs since he was invalided out of the Korean War 50 years ago. Lee Sun-Ye, 72, is a prize-winning folk singer and drummer. They met at a centre for the elderly in Seoul early in 2001 and began living together soon after. Park Jin-Pyo deliberately avoids going into their personal histories and backgrounds (both have outlived their spouses and both have adult children), the better to focus on their intense commitment to each other, their fears of being apart and their remarkably youthful love-making.

By: TR


Release details

67 mins

Cast and crew

Park Jin-Pyo
Lee Soo-Mee
Park Chi-Gyu
Lee Sun-Ye
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