Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Young Yasmin Paige is a feisty, foolish tooth fairy ('Tooth') who takes pity on a cash-strapped family and bestows a million bucks under the little 'un's pillow, thus threatening the fairies with insolvency, and even jeopardising Christmas. Confusng, or what? Enfield is the villainous Plug, Phillips and Dutton are mum and dad, and Jones, Fry and Grant periodically show their faces. Perplexing as his film is, writer/director Nammour has an energetic, breezy style which keeps things moving, and you might find some grudging affection for a movie which casts Jim Broadbent as a six-foot rabbit.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Edouard Nammour
Edouard Nammour
Harry Enfield
Vinnie Jones
Stephen Fry
Jim Broadbent
Tim Dutton
Sally Phillips
Jerry Hall
Richard E Grant
Phyllida Law
Anna Wing
Elizabeth McKechnie
Debbie Chazen
Francesca Longrigg
Rory Copus
Maisie Preston
Yasmin Paige
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