Tornando a Casa

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Photograher Vincenzo Marra's directorial debut is a brooding, naturalistic tale, following a group of fishermen who risk their lives fishing illegally in the strait dividing Sicily from North Africa. Don't expect The Perfect Storm; the crew converse in gruff Neapolitan dialect (necessitating subtitles, apparently, even in Italy). Dialogue is often philosophical - 'This boat is your jail and your home' - yet it's the long, speechless shots which seem most contemplative. The plot's tragic twist jars the pacing, but there's real tension on and off board and a correctively sympathetic perspective on immigration.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Vincenzo Marra
Vincenzo Marra
Abdel Aziz Azouz
Aniello Scotto D'Antuono
Giovanni Iaccarino
Salvatore Iaccarino
Roberta Papa
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