Total Balalaika Show


Time Out says

From 'Finlandia' through 'Volga Boatman' to 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' and 'Those Were the Days', this is a delightful record of a huge Helsinki concert bringing together the Leningrad Cowboys, the band that used to pride itself on being the worst in the world (they've improved no end) and the massed voices of the Red Army Chorus. The combination of outrageously long quiffs and winkle-pickers, with medals strewn across middle-aged military chests makes for a pleasing absurdity, especially when the Cowboys start Cossack dancing to 'Kalinka' - and it's clear that all but a few of the soldiers were having a ball too. Highlight: a magical version of the Turtles' 'Happy Together'. One helluva noise, and you won't stop smiling.

By: GA


Release details

55 mins

Cast and crew

Aki Kaurismäki
The Leningrad Cowboys Band
The Alexandrov Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble
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