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Time Out says

'The Jews have their Wailing Wall and we have our wall of silence.' So says one of the occupants of Totschweigen Reichnitz, a village on the Austro-Hungarian border where, in 1945, 180 Jews were shot by the retreating Nazis and buried in a still unlocated mass grave. The locals' stonewalling frustrates all efforts to give them a proper burial. It's a compelling subject, and some pertinent links are made to wider issues. A pity, then, that the film's construction ties it down so: after the first half hour of exposition, there's nowhere to go, and it ends up tracing its footsteps as unproductively as the search it observes.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Margareta Heinrich, Eduard Erne, Lukas Stepanik
Eduard Erne, Margareta Heinrich
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