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Film, Thrillers
O Último Golpe (1954)
©DR O Último Golpe de Jacques Becker

Time Out says

This model French gangster picture set the rules for the great sequence of underworld movies from Jean-Pierre Melville that followed. An ageing and weary Gabin attempts to retire after one last robbery. Instead he finds himself in a world of moody double-crosses. Becker's film, full of neat angles and delightful little bits of business, is laconic and admirably methodical. If its code of honour and its world of safe houses (and the absence of any police) make it seem like a wartime resistance film, it does also show what other gangster movies often ignore: that the reason for earning money dishonestly is to be able to live in style. And this film takes as much pleasure in watching Gabin open a bottle of wine as it does observing him in action. A fine supporting cast includes a young

Lino Ventura

and an even younger

Jeanne Moreau


By: CPe


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Jacques Becker
Jacques Becker, Maurice Griffe, Albert Simonin
Jean Gabin
René Dary
Paul Frankeur
Paul Oettly
Lino Ventura
Jeanne Moreau
Dora Doll
Daniel Cauchy
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