Traitor Spy

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

If transposing Marie Stopes' Married Love to the screen didn't win undying fame for Summers, this - his last picture for an ungrateful world - surely should have done. Cabot plays a British armaments worker and freelance spy who is forced to go on the run after killing (and dismembering) a disgruntled German agent who makes an attempt on his life. As the film moves from toy-town Devon to a very seedy London, it rapidly takes off from the cardboard conventions of the British thriller. In its creation of authentic atmosphere - an Italian dentist/tattooist's parlour in the Waterloo Road, a sleazy night-club populated by spivs, whores and multi-national gangsters - the film offers a fascinating glimpse into the underworld of the '30s, and presages the realism of the following decade. Summers skilfully exploits the paranoia of the phony war to create satisfyingly red-blooded villains, and the melodramatic conflagration of an ending is remarkably, and effectively, uncompromising.

By: RMy


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Walter Summers
Ralph Bettinson, Jay Van Lusic, Walter Summers
Marta Labarr
Edward Lexy
Tamara Desni
Romilly Lunge
Bruce Cabot
Frederick Valk
Percy Walsh
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