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Time Out says

The familiar stern scoutmaster of a commentator asserts the omnipotence of the US Treasury Dept then, having got that out of the way, the movie proceeds to cases. Bridges, aggressively seedy, busts out of jail aiming to retrieve his counterfeiting plates, unaware that the T-men are watching his every move. The ensuing series of table-turnings and reversals of fortune is agreeably unpredictable, with a full measure of prevailing visual motifs: plots hatched in dimly lit apartments, guys in trilbies ascending ominous stairways, and violence in picturesque settings, notably the climactic shoot-out in a tramcar garage. For perhaps the only time in his career John Hoyt, usually a minor henchman, got to play the hero.

By: BBa


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Fleischer
Earl Felton, George Zuckerman
Lloyd Bridges
Barbara Payton
John Hoyt
James Todd
Russ Conway
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