Trapped in Paradise

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This gormless Christmas comedy drama has a New York restaurant manager Bill Firpo (Cage), and his two con brothers, Dave (Lovitz) and Alvin (Carvey), plying their dumb klutz criminal ways. Alvin is the klepto who steals the toys from cereal packets; Dave the conniving one, masquerading as a Catskill comic; and Bill, the sensible one of these three latter-day Stooges, is suffering and exasperated. They go to Paradise, Pennsylvania, to succour the daughter of hard con Vic Mazzucci (Manni), but find the bank where she works irresistible to rob. It's an odd plot-potty, frenetic movie, shot at some snow-blown Canadian location with irrelevant panache. Cage looks cold most of the time, and has retractable stubble. The rest of the cast look like they're waiting for summer.

By: WH


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

George Gallo
George Gallo
Nicolas Cage
Richard B Shull
Jon Lovitz
Mädchen Amick
Dana Carvey
Jack Heller
Vic Manni
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