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This rarely seen gorefest from Italian horror director Dario Argento failed to get a UK cinema release, despite containing all the best and worst elements of his uncompromising style. David Parsons (Rydell) is a journalist who takes young anorexic Aura Petrescu (Argento) under his wing after her parents are apparently murdered by a serial killer wielding a decapitating machine. As the unstable Aura and David become closer, a pattern to the killings emerges. Argento's first American backed film pays homage to Psycho, yet he conspicuously lacks Hitchcock's ability to direct actors - there isn't a half decent performance to be found here, and his own daughter in the female lead is particularly awful. Also, a barely credible plot and uneven pacing don't help. Yet Argento's occasionally brilliant camerawork and the evident glee with which he sets about the decapitation scenes make this just about worthwhile.

By: TH


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Dario Argento
Dario Argento, TED Klein
Asia Argento
Christopher Rydell
Frederic Forrest
James Russo
Laura Johnson
Piper Laurie
Brad Dourif
Hope Alexander-Willis
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