Time Out says

In a role designed to flatter his talents, Lemmon (who had starred in Bernard Slade's play on Broadway) is unwisely allowed to let rip as a wisecracking, rascally Broadway press agent who discovers - on the eve of his ex-wife (Remick) and grown son (Benson) arriving in New York for the summer vacation - that he has a critical illness. By a series of pitiful gags, he tries to win back the affection of his son, who only hates him the more. Shamelessly geared to theatrical applause, the movie is a truly grotesque mix: part soppy father/son love story, part new morality of how vulnerable men can be through fear of Failure and Meaningful Relationships. Addicts of filmed theatre and knighthood-aspiring performances will revel in it; all others are advised to carry smelling salts. DMacp.


Release details

125 mins

Cast and crew

Bob Clark
Bernard Slade
Jack Lemmon
Robby Benson
Lee Remick
Colleen Dewhurst
John Marley
Kim Cattrall
Gale Garnett