Time Out says

Slight but very likeable urban fairytale about the joys and limitations of wish-fulfilment fantasies. A mildly sappy composer (he aspires to write a Broadway hit) is cruised on the subway by the man of his dreams (a go-go boy with intellectual credentials), but can't find any place to take him to bed. The all-night quest takes them through the usual gallery of After Hours types, headed by a malicious drag queen, and a series of sitcom-style misunderstandings; it's no surprise that first time director Fall has a background in off-off-Broadway theatre. But the casting is spot-on (especially Pitoc as the brainy, charming sex object) and much of the dialogue is real funny.


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Jim Fall
Jason Schafer
Christian Campbell
John Paul Pitoc
Tori Spelling
Lorri Bagley
Clinton Leupp