Trick or Treat


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A high school romp pitched somewhere between Carrie and Animal House. Eddie (Price), a fanatical heavy metal fan desolated by the death in a fire of his idol, the hideous Sammi 'Ragman' Gurr (Fields), is somewhat consoled when a DJ friend gives him the only copy of Ragman's last album, having first taped it to broadcast (as per Ragman's instructions) at midnight on Halloween. Victimised by the school jocks, Eddie swears revenge, and receives unexpected occult help - via the album - when the deceased Ragman materialises. Soon Eddie's tormentors get their nasty deserts. But Ragman's destructiveness gets out of hand, and realising what it will mean if the record is played on Halloween, Eddie turns hero to stop the wave of terror. All utter rubbish but fun, benefiting greatly from outrageous SFX à la Videodrome, and from two neat cameos by real life HM stars Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.


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