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Time Out says

Wide boy gobshites Andy and Pete (Morrissey and Dunbar) blag a flight to Chicago, drunk on daydreams of making a million. How? They're not entirely sure, until lack of cash spurs Andy to tealeaf a briefcase meant for two hitmen (Wahlberg and Rapaport), scoring our lads a massive brown envelope of wonga and a five-star hotel. But they now have to pop opera-loving gangland king Ben Cutler (Postlethwaite), or their new 'boss' will have their Limey guts for garters. Given the endless line-up of low budget gangster-based Brit flicks shuffling through the box office like weary old cons, Triggermen needs to pull something pretty nifty out of the bag. But this watchable, bland comedy is only slightly more hit than miss. 'Hey, gangsters are blokes with feelings and stuff too,' is the somewhat cutesy subtext of director Bradshaw's decently crafted script, as his 30-something characters dither between maturity and the rush of being boys with killer toys. Morrissey's shaggy charm just about carries the film, but Amanda Plummer as Pete's intense, close-cropped girlfriend is its saving grace, beetling through the wobbly final half hour like a furious full stop.



Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

John Bradshaw
Tony Johnston
Neil Morrissey
Donnie Wahlberg
Adrian Dunbar
Claire Forlani
Amanda Plummer
Michael Rapaport
Louis Di Banco
Shawn Lawrence
Bill MacDonald
Saul Rubinek
Pete Postlethwaite
James Collins
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