Tropic of Cancer


Time Out says

An incredibly tedious adaptation of Henry Miller's incredibly tedious novel. With the action transposed to contemporary Paris, America's famous lost generation of the '30s are stranded like fish out of water, scrabbling ludicrously for sexual satisfaction from prostitutes when all they need to do is ask any nice, permissive girl passing by. Bereft of its context, Miller's overheated prose - intoned, voice-off, by Rip Torn as Miller in the intervals between his breathless sexual encounters - is revealed as a mixture of bad poetry and bad travelogue. Four-letter words and female pubic hair have themselves a field day.

By: TM


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph Strick
Joseph Strick, Betty Botley
Rip Torn
James Callahan
Ellen Burstyn
David Bauer
Laurence Lignères
Phil Brown
Dominique Delpierre
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