Trouble Every Day

Film, Drama
Trouble Every Day
Trouble Every Day

Time Out says

Shot and edited with Denis' customary expertise, but disappointing for both its (admittedly ambitious) script and its performances, this is rather too elliptical and enigmatic for its own good. It tells of two individuals consumed by cannibalistic bloodlust, but cared for by loved ones: Dalle, who keeps breaking out of the house in which disenchanted boffin Descas keeps her locked up; and Gallo, honeymooning with Vessey in Paris in the hope that he may make contact with Descas (or should that be Dalle?). Do the killers thirst for blood because they're victims of medical experiments, or are the experiments carried out to cure such impulses? Who knows or even, given Gallo and Dalle's hollow performances, cares. The murders are nasty, the play with genre tradition uneasy, and certain scenes (Descas wandering cool as a cucumber into a blazing house) laughably implausible.

By: GA


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Claire Denis
Jean-Pol Fargeau, Claire Denis
Vincent Gallo
Nicolas Duvauchelle
Alex Descas
José Garcia
Béatrice Dalle
Raphaël Neal
Florence Loiret-Caille
Tricia Vessey
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