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Tsuru (folk-blues singer Oshiro) is a roving broadcaster and collector of singing-and-dancing DNA samples, kept in her lunchbox. One day she finds an abandoned script (its penniless author has fled to Taiwan in search of a woman - Chen, from A Confucian Confusion and The River) and so she moves into the writer's house and sets about staging it as a play. But her son Henry (high-school karate champ Miyagi) over-identifies with his role as a US official, goes crazy and is taken as a prophet... Takamine is still the poet laureate of everything bizarre and musical in Okinawa and this ramshackle mix of separatist politics and conceptual sexuality answers every question about the islands - including the ones nobody's thought of yet.

By: TR


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Go Takamine
Go Takamine, Isao Nakazato
Misako Oshiro
Katsuma Miyagi
Miezo Toma
Chen Xiangqi
Susumu Taira
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