Tuff Turf


Time Out says

Scenes from the class war in LA. Preppy rebel Morgan (Spader) goes head to perfectly sculpted head with high school toughs, even hitting on the gang leader's best girl. Morgan's father gets in the way of a bullet as the feud escalates to a messy climax. Traces of Romeo and Juliet - or at least West Side Story - surface elsewhere in Kiersch's films, notably Under the Boardwalk. The intensity of the melodrama here is undermined by a camp-ish turn from Robert Downey Jr as Morgan's leathered friend and by risible musical outbursts from Spader and Kim Richards.

By: DO


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Fritz Kiersch
Jette Rinck
James Spader
Kim Richards
Paul Mones
Matt Clark
Claudette Nevins
Olivia Barash
Robert Downey Jr
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