Tunde's Film


Time Out says

Written and co-directed by 18-year-old Tunde Ikoli, this was made, he said, 'to show people what we have to put up with'; and its immediacy in dealing with the repressive influences on teenagers living in the East End of London often compensates for its lack of technical gloss. Particularly effective are a pointless search by goon-like policemen, and a café conversation between Tunde's friends, both of which do more to 'explain' delinquency than all of your glib sociological theorising. Like all neo-realism, Tunde's Film has the authority of performers re-enacting lived experience rather than acting.


Release details

43 mins

Cast and crew

Maggie Pinhorn, Tunde Ikoli
Tunde Ikoli
Harry Curran
Lesley Easteale
Colin Hennessy
Tunde Ikoli
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