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Time Out says

The NYPD choose a deserted 747 flight on Christmas Eve to transport two criminals - a bank robber and a serial killer - across country. Lonely stewardess - excuse me, flight attendant - Teri (Holly) takes a shine to the psycho, Ryan (Liotta), who may have been framed and has a way with women. Even when both pilots are dead, the passengers have disappeared and there's a hole in the side of the plane, Ryan can coax Teri out of the cockpit with his soft-spoken schizo charm. Guess Teri picked the wrong week to give up glue sniffing. The ads promise 'over-the-top action', but this is surely a misprint; over-the-top acting is the main attraction here. It's hard to tell with Holly, who sheds her dignity and her uniform with stoic resignation, but Liotta seems well aware just how appalling this movie is, flashing his chops with an alacrity to rival the Big Bad Wolf, pitching his performance several thousand feet above ground level, and refusing to come down.

By: TCh


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Butler
Jonathan Brett
Ray Liotta
Lauren Holly
Brendan Gleeson
Ben Cross
Rachel Ticotin
Jeffrey DeMunn
John Finn
Hector Elizondo
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