Turk 182!


Time Out says

Adamantly sincere but utterly redundant populism from Bob Porky's Clark, a boy scout's stab at Bonfire of the Vanities starring Timothy Hutton's noble adam's apple (gulp!), which he thrusts this way and that for all the world like an ostrich with a social conscience. Hutton's a kind of contemporary James Stewart, a graffiti guerrilla taking on City Hall. And for what? To get some support for his brother, a fireman injured in the line of duty. You can't help wondering why he didn't just find a good lawyer.

By: TCh


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Bob Clark
James Gregory Kingston, Denis Hamill, John Hamill
Timothy Hutton
Robert Urich
Kim Cattrall
Robert Culp
Darren McGavin
Steven Keats
Peter Boyle
James Tolkan
Dick O'Neill
Maury Chaykin
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