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Time Out says

Adapted from Thorne Smith's fantasy about sexual role reversal, this probably seemed daring once, but hasn't worn well. An Indian sculpture with magical powers, tired of endless quarrels between a married couple (Hubbard, Landis) as to who has the best of the marriage contract, grants their wish to change roles. So while she (Hubbard, dubbed with Landis' voice and indulging excruciatingly stereotyped camp mannerisms) goes to work as an advertising executive, he (Landis, dubbed with Hubbard's voice and striding out a bit) tries to cope with the housewife's lot. Causing endless havoc and confusion, both are relieved when their wish to return to normal - prompted by Hubbard's fearful discovery that he/she is pregnant - is granted. The marital status quo is never questioned for a moment, of course; and the revelation that the statue made a mistake in rectifying matters - the husband is now pregnant - is chickenheartedly thrown away as a curtain line. The best bits come from the supportingcast, especially Pangborn and Meek, archetypal Preston Sturges characters without the Sturges dialogue to bring them fully to life.

By: TM


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Hal Roach
Mickell Novak, Berne Giler, John McClain
John Hubbard
Carole Landis
Adolphe Menjou
William Gargan
Mary Astor
Verree Teasdale
Donald Meek
Franklin Pangborn
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